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Textile fabrics with keder

Automatic sewing, keder equipment

Digital print on 17 types of textile media at a width of 320 cm

We perform digital printing on textiles, at a width of 320 cm, over 17 types of textile media in our offer, automatic contour cutting with B&W Laser technology.

All finishes are made by experienced staff, automatic sewing machines, automatic keder Matic machine, ultrasonic gluing, ultrasonic sewing.

  • Display 230g with keder
  • Display 160g with keder
  • Backlit textil with keder
  • Blockout Blackback with keder
  • Blockout Whiteback with keder
  • Blockout Light with keder

print width 320 cm

print in 6 colors - CMYK+Turquise+SPC

print and fix at the same time

speed and quality

ensures 100% penetration for flags with the help of SPC

direct print width on textiles 320cm

print speed in production 125mp/h and high quality

Kyocera industrial printheads

print width on textiles 320 cm

print and fix at the same time

configured in 5 colors + SL