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Masca faciala

Masti personalizate

Face Masks certified in Italy, similar to medical devices

First layer is knitted printed fabric 150g, easy breatheable, quick dry.
~Second layer is “Block Filter” 62g, thickness 132 μm, it is composed of
pure cellulose and a high percentage of cotton and has no surface treatments,
but its chemical composition is designed to make the environment unfavorable
for viruses.
~Third(inside) layer is nonwoven 40g, easy breatheable, quick dry.
~Best advantages for this Face Mask are : Reusable,Washable,Ironed.

Can be easy decontaminated with soap and water.

Quality production control of Face Masks

Quality control of production, each fabric layer it is Laser cutting, ultrasonic welding,If you have any questions about our Reusable Printed Face Masks,please...

Anatomic fit, medical elastic earloop

Face Masks are in 3 sizes: L/XL, S/M, XS (children), each mask it is individual packed

Tested in Laboratory for Bacteria Filtration Efficiency (BFE) 97%

Tested in Laboratory for  "Bacteria Cleanliness"