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Customized flags, digital prints with the most advanced textile printing technology.

The print width is 320 cm, printing is done in 6 colors (cyan, magenta, yellow, black, red, violet) for a very large range of colors. All the fabrics are made of ICC color profiles for a more accurate reproduction of images and colors.

Vivid colors, identical image on both sides. The flags are made to the required size and are delivered, labeled, fully finished with the included fastening system.

Outdoor flags are tested and presented at our headquarter in 232 Alexandriei Road, Bragadiru- Ilfov. They are mounted on flapoles of heights of 6m-12m

Flag types:

  • Flag printed from 110g polyester
  • Flag printed from mesh type 130g
  • Flag printed from longlife material 125g
  • Flag printed from thin material 70g
  • Normal flag for lance
  • Flag type flamura for mast
  • Flag printed interior on 145g satin finish
  • Printed flags of different sizes and shapes
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