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Custom face masks

Community Masks CWA 17553: June 2020

 Guaranteed quality up to 20 washes at 60°C, tested after washes with Bacterial filtration efficiency level ~ 95%- EN 14683 + CWA 17553:2020

 Face Masks certified in Italy, similar to medical devices

Using cutting edge digital printing technology, we are able to produce printed face masks with award-winning patterns, custom logos, and distinctive colors. Our expansive design collection and years of experience allows us to bring the most comprehensive mask print collection to the market.

Our face masks offer excellent quality and assurance of superior protection level compliant with international regulatory standards and provided by a leading, trusted textile manufacturing company.

Face mask it is made from 3 Layers:

~ First layer is knitted printed fabric 150g, easy breathable, quick dry.
~ Second layer is “Block Filter 99", it is designed to make the environment unfavorable for viruses.
~ Third(inside) layer is non-woven 40g, easy breathable, quick dry.
Can be easy decontaminated with soap and water.

Tests available in 10 different languages (EN,DE,FR,IT,ES,...)

Quality control of production, each fabric layer it is Laser cutting, ultrasonic welding,

Face Masks are in 3 sizes: L/XL, S/M, XS (children),
The unique zip sealed package format offers convenient usage while reducing contamination risks related to other type of packaging.


Tested in Laboratory for Bacteria Filtration Efficiency (BFE) 95%

Resistance to respiration less then 40/Pa/cm2

Guaranteed quality up to 20 washes

Color resistant to washing up to 20 times at 60°C

Resistant to rubbing during common use

Child safety (ropes and cords, points and sharp edges)

Sizes compliant with CWA 17553: 2020 guidelines