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  Having 13 years experience in the field of digital printing on textiles fabrics, Rofobit   company offers direct digital textile Print, on 100% polyester fabrics,print width of 330 cm, the maximum resolution 2880dpi, high print capacity  (2000sqm / shift) with disperse ink who is water-based ecological,resulting vivid colors, UV resistance, use indoor/outdoor.

   The main reasons to collaborate with our company are based on the experience, professionalism, production capacity, speed of response to customer orders, product quality achieved, thus providing a quality/price special.

  We provide our customers quality products at a low price. “We do not sell prices.” ICC color profiles are especially designed for all printers and fabrics used to render  more accurately colors and details,using Caldera 11 Grandrip with Barbieri LFP S3 spectrofotometer, what we put us over our competition.

 The list of the products we realise  include:

- All World countries flags- digital printed flags, pennants, flags, streamers, garlands,

- Custom printed flags,big flags, beachflag, wind flags, flags printed in different sizes and shapes,football field big flags…

- Custom curtains, draperies, custom textile vertical blinds, custom blinds,table cloths

- Textile banners with different finishing-up/down wood or aluminum sticks,tape and eyelets, textile mesh fabric, upholstery chairs / sofas, scenery customized textile home & deko print

- Printed stretch textiles for display systems Wave Pop-up 3D curved or straight, roll-up fabric, info desk with textile

- Textile backlit with PVC keder for lightboxes or display with pvc keder

Our printing machines:

Dgen Teleios Grande G5,with Ricoh 5 printheads, print until 330 cm width,with disperse ink,direct on polyester fabric,with high speed and high quality,and best penetration on flag fabric,almost 100%

ATP 1320G4-12, with Ricoh 4 printheads,print until 330cm,with disperse ink,direct on polyester fabric,with best quality print

Mtex Turbo Sub,with Ricoh 5 printheads,print until 185cm width,with disperse ink,with high speed and best quality

Mimaki TX500D,with Ricoh 5 printheads,print until 185cm width,with disperse ink,with high speed and best quality

Dgen Teios GT,with seiko 508GS printheads,print until 185cm width,with disperse ink

For to print with reactive ink,on natural fabrics, we use Dgen Artrix GT, with seiko 508GS printheads,reactive ink in 8 colors CMYK,Or,Bl,Red,Grey- with great colors,vivid colors,soft print

Digital print with reactive ink, odorless, ecological, vibrant colors, washing resistance, 720dpi resolution, width 180cm, the natural textile, silk, cotton, viscose, flax, natural fiber blend. Rofobit perform full service direct digital print on textiles with the latest technology for direct digital printing, machines that are in our equipment and are industrial production (year of manufacture 2014/2015)

Inks (disperse, reactive) are produced in Japan,Swiss and Germany, with Oeko-Tex Standard 100 certification and the ECO-passport system, Inditex and Gotse

   Print quality textiles is on full resolution media used textile (German origin from companies G- Otto, Berger, Aurich, Pongs), original ink, qualified and experienced staff for this.
  We provide finishing of textiles in our own workshop, with machinery in this regard:  
   – New Siruba sewing machines
   – MATIC CRONOS ULTIMA full automatic sewing machine-special made for sewing pvc keder

- Rimslow wash / 1850-coat treated textile rollers and roller washing

   – Steam Rimslow X steamer for fixing reactive ink
  We provide finishing sewing specifications provided by the client with rifles, rings, band flag, string, metal staples, which are supposed to assemble the final product only. Our products are exported for many years in Germany, Italy, Belgium, Netherlands, UK.